Being Breathing

When I was a baby I breathed deep. From my abdomen and chest–with my whole body. I didn’t have to think, I was simply a be-ing being breathed. I was connected with spirit, as it moved through me, as me, my true essence rejoicing in this life, birthed into form.

As an adult I began to experience wounding but instead of allowing it to move through me I began to swallow the wounds, breathing more shallow, holding trauma in the body, making agreements, beliefs, encoding cells for dis-ease, forgetting who I was.

I forgot that spirit moves through me as me. I forgot I was love and worthy of love. I forgot everything. I kept busy so I didn’t have to feel or see or go through the painful art of transformation. I unplugged from the truth and spent many years asleep.

Through breathwork I’ve experienced the remembrance of my original woundings. Through breathwork I’ve felt the areas that are stuck and mucky and moved through the patterns of holding. Through breathwork I’ve begun to surrender to the breath and to it’s healing.

Today I remember my true essence as spirit and as a human being. I forgive old choices, examine outdated belief systems, and write new agreements. Today I am blessed, as are all of you, with a choice–the choice to transform out of suffering, to participate in cathartic release, to be in communion with the Divine, to remember our true essence and to reclaim our power.

When you’re ready to breathe with me I’m here to facilitate that for you. Drop me a note and we will get started.

With each breath in service and love


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