Welcome Light Walker

You, born in this world, of the stars and pure energy. Come closer, breathe deep and remember. If you are here on Earth at this time it is no mistake. Can you feel that truth? You are here because you are a being of light here to experience the world of form, to create and to be an example for others. You chose and you were chosen. You were chosen to breathe a new way of being into the world. You were chosen and now it’s time to awaken to that which has been asleep within you.

Take a Breath and Connect

By connecting to the breath and the body we begin to remember our divine origins. When we breathe deeply we are invited to release old woundings and make space for massive heart openings. When we breathe deeply we take in more oxygen and that moves our energy which lights up our nervous system. With this energy we detox emotionally and physically creating space for remembrance of our true nature. This is the work that I facilitate.


My name is indeed Misty and I facilitate in person and online breathwork sessions and group breathwork ceremonies in the Bay Area, California. I also facilitate in person and distance energywork and hold space for women’s circles. I am a student of the breath (a level 1 + 2 graduate of The Breath Center, a daily practitioner who does the practices, reads and updates her skills monthly). Please take a look around the website, check me out on social media and if you’ve any questions feel free to drop me a note at info@mistydahl.com or visit the breathwork tab and get started today! I so look forward to connecting with you!