They say that you teach what you most need to learn and I shared this topic at circle last week. I had no idea that I still had some of this juicy stuff to walk through.

Since circle I’ve been in practice mode working with my own feelings of self acceptance, self confidence, unworthiness, self-doubt and self compassion.

It’s reeeeeally a practice.

Valentines Day is over but love endures.

There are many ways to be in the practice of loving ourselves. We might for example hold our hearts with our hands and speak loving words of gratitude to our heart space. “Dear heart thank you for giving me life. I love you.” Perhaps we might even look in the mirror, touching our faces and speaking, “I love you. You are beautiful and you are worthy of love and affection.”

And through the day (as journal work or in a contemplation) we might ask ourselves…

-How can I create peace in my body?
-What do I need to feel at peace in my heart?
-Am I happy?
-Am I capable of creating a feeling of joy for myself?
-Do I know how to show myself loving- kindness even when, and especially when, I do something imperfectly or messy?
-Do I know how to handle the suffering in myself?
-Do I treat my body like a temple?
-Do I enjoy spending time with myself?
-Do I overcommit myself because I am addicted to busy (another way to avoid going within) or because I don’t want to make anyone mad?
-How can I create space for my feelings?
-Am I willing to show myself the same kind of compassion I would a small child or animal?
-How can I honor myself best in this moment?

And then take yourself out on a date, or buy yourself some flowers and post them for all to see. #selflovedate

A person who is loving toward themselves is a person with an active heart chakra! And a person in relationship with their heart is a light warrior, changing the world with their energy one breath, one heart-beat at a time.