• Grounding


    Since I moved back home to take care of my dad I’ve been surrounded by the redwood trees. When I was little these Redwood giants made me feel like I was a magical princess living in a Star Wars universe. Many moons later I know that I’m a magical, galactic princess. It’s funny how we forget who we are. I’ve never felt particularly rooted in my life until I came back to these Santa Cruz mountains. It’s funny and beautiful and I’m so grateful to Spirit for giving me such a literal practice ground. Every wall of my room has a window and the ceiling has skylights looking out at…

  • Breathwork

    Falling in Love with Breathwork

    Most of the time, when people come to breathwork, they have no idea what to expect. For whatever reason they are intrigued by it and yet they are unsure of what it is. In my first experience doing breathwork it was the same. I had no idea what it was but I knew I needed to try it. And then I did it and I fell in love. I felt every cell of my body come alive and then surrender. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life. An enormous sense of peace came over my body, mind and emotions. I felt like everything was going to…

  • Breathwork

    Being Breathing

    When I was a baby I breathed deep. From my abdomen and chest–with my whole body. I didn’t have to think, I was simply a be-ing being breathed. I was connected with spirit, as it moved through me, as me, my true essence rejoicing in this life, birthed into form. As an adult I began to experience wounding but instead of allowing it to move through me I began to swallow the wounds, breathing more shallow, holding trauma in the body, making agreements, beliefs, encoding cells for dis-ease, forgetting who I was. I forgot that spirit moves through me as me. I forgot I was love and worthy of love.…

  • Breathwork

    Thank you teachers

    The Kabbalah says, “First we receive the light. Then we impart the light. Thus we repair the world.” What is the light that you’re imparting? Do you see how we are connected to each other? To everything? Thank you to all of my teachers. If we’ve exchanged ideas, you’re one of my teachers. I learn so much from all of you. Thank you to the plants. Thank you to the animals. Thank you to spirit. I am listening