The Breathwork that I facilitate

It is an active meditation rooted in ancient pranayama yoga. It is the most profound vehicle for healing that I’ve experienced. It’s a gentle pattern of breathing that doesn’t cause hyperventilation and which sounds similar to the ocean breathing. I’ve never felt so much connection with myself and the universe, so much clarity, so much emotional release and freedom than when I am doing Breathwork. I have also stopped having panic attacks. I am a student of the breath (a level 1 + 2 graduate of The Breath Center,¬† a daily practitioner who does the practices, reads and updates her skills monthly). It seems like the more I learn the more there is to learn. It just keeps surprising me with benefits and healing. It’s my deepest desire that, when you are ready, this practice of Breathwork facilitates the remembering of your most divine essence and that you feel peace.


Some Benefits of Healing Breathwork Include

Gaining clarity of those things that are out of focus, stuck and seeking resolution

A stronger clarity and relationship with yourself, your purpose and to what’s possible

The release of anxiety and panic and with that increased calm

Stress reduction in the short term while strengthening neural pathways for the long term

Clearing physical, mental, and emotional tension and trauma

Improves digestion, heart rate, lowers blood pressure

Serenity, calm, peace, a feeling of connection with the world and with the Divine


What is Breathwork

When I speak of Breathwork sessions I am usually referring to the practice of laying down, doing breath cycles and savassana. This is a practice in which the breath is used to get in touch with your energy. While breathing in a gentle but steady pattern the energy is accelerated. This opens up your meridians and chakras and gets you back in touch with your emotions and true self. It also creates such a deep state of relaxation and connection to ourselves (that we never know unless we are asleep) that many people have described as a peak spiritual experience. For more info please see the “What do healing breathwork sessions look like?”

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions are in your home (Bay area California) or via Zoom platform online. If you’d like to book in person work and you live in another part of California or state please inquire to

Where does this breathwork come from?

This breathwork that I facilitate is an ancient meditation technique rooted in pranayama yoga. This practice will help you to connect with your energy which will connect you to emotions, spirit and healing.

What is the investment?

Sessions are $175 for 90 minutes.

May I gift sessions?

Yes though they will still need to go through the questionnaire and consultation.

Do you offer special rates?

Yes! If you’d like five or more sessions in one month or know you’d like to continue this work at length please inquire about discounted packages.

What do healing breathwork sessions look like?

First we will talk and learn about the things in which you desire to transform. After talking I will help you to ground and set an intention. Then I will facilitate the healing breathwork. You will be laying on a flat surface, most likely a yoga mat (or possibly a massage table), with your eyes closed (eye pillows are wonderful for this work). If the session is in person I will take you through an experience in which you will breathe (with music, guidance, sage, essential oils etc when appropriate). You will then journey in a long period of shavasana, waking up and further integration. Online sessions are similar though without the music etc.

Do you offer other kinds of breathwork?

Yes! There are breath awareness practices such as mindful breathing. This is us watching the breath breathe us, without judgement or trying to change it. And there is conscious breathing in which we breathe the breath actively. There are many practices of conscious breathing which improve breathing and help with stress. I teach these practices in breathwork sessions and will soon have online programs available.

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